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We are an icelandic horses stable in Poland. We breed Icelandic horses, let them grow up, ride them and sell them to people who love them.

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Meer informatie over IJslanders: geschiedenis, kenmerkende eigenschappen en gebruik.


Elselien Klein of Punktur Icelandic Horses wrote the book “IJslanders begrijpen”.

Horses for sale

  • Einir

    Einir frá Punktur

    F: Sótstör frá Punktur

    M: Bera frá Punktur

    Black tall gelding

    Einir is a black, tall gelding with a delicate build. Despite his young age, he shows remarkable calmness. He is very fond of human contact and he is friendly. In ground training, he is slow and can be a bit stubborn sometimes. He is most willing to trot, but also shows a predisposition to tölt. He accepts the rider without any problems. We are looking forward to the effects of the work under the saddle.

    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Kollur

    Kollur frá Punktur

    F: Lambarjomi frá Punktur

    M: Flóabladka frá Punktur

    A handsome tobiano chestnut gelding

    Kollur – beautifully colored – tobiano chestnut and handsome gelding. At the moment, he is a sensitive, alert and timid horse. He is still at a very early stage of training, but he moves beautifully in the paddock – both trot and tölt. Further training will allow us to fully get to know his possibilities.

    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Ifjungur

    Ifjungur frá Punktur

    F: Umunarjurt frá Punktur

    M: Angilja frá Punktur

    A friendly looking  brown black gelding

    Ifjungur is a brown black, young gelding with a friendly appearance. Even though he has lost his sight in one eye, he is doing great in ground training. He has beautiful movements and he prefers tölt. He is a friendly, sensitive horse, but also careful in contact with people. It takes a while for him to fully relax and be at ease. We are sure that a good training focused on building confidence and relaxation will make him an ideal riding horse.

    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Vari

    Oddvari frá Punktur

    F: Mosi frá Punktur

    M: Fjallnykra frá Punktur

    A nice black gelding

    Vari is a black, nice gelding with free movement. It is an alert and careful horse, but also willing to cooperate with people. During lunging, he perfectly reads the trainer’s intentions and establishes a connection with him. He willingly moves forward. Despite the fact that he is a delicate horse, he accepted the rider without any problems. Further training looks promising.

    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Njóli

    Njóli frá Punktur

    F: Sótstör frá Punktur

    M: Thyrnirós frá Punktur

    Black gelding with a lush mane

    Njóli is a young, black, well-built gelding with a lush mane. He is a sensitive and attentive horse. While working from the ground, he reacts to the slightest suggestion of the trainer, so you have to be very gentle – not to put too much pressure on him. During training, he begins to relax and calm down. We believe that regular work will allow him to fully trust people and reveal his potential.

    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Hlynur


    Hlynur frá PunkturHlynur

    F: Mosi frá Punktur

    M: Thina frá Punktur

    A handsome black geldingHlynur

    Hlynur is a handsome, black, well-built gelding. Despite his young age and a very early stage of training, he shows calmness and composure. He is a friendly and courageous horse – he accepted the rider without any problem. While working from the ground, he looks beautiful in a trot. Hlynur, though his fairly independent character, willingly cooperates with people. Further training will allow us to fully get to know his possibilities.


    Born: 2017

    Price: see table

  • Hálingur

    Hálingresi frá Punktur

    F: Leikur frá Efri – Bvera

    M: Baldursbrá frá Punktur

    Chestnut, handsome gelding

    Hálingur is a tall, chestnut and handsome gelding. He is an energetic and sensitive horse. So far he is trotting, but also has a predisposition to tölt. He is cautious in his relationship with people, but during training he seeks contact and becomes more and more trusting.  Hálingur is a cooperative horse, and its further development is very promising.

    Born: 2016

    Price: see table

  • Perla

    Vorperla frá Punktur

    F: Leikur frá Efri – Bvera

    M: Kornrós frá Punktur

    A gray, calm and friendly mare

    Perla is a gray mare with a very friendly character. She is calm, balanced, but also a bit independent. Willingly cooperates with the rider under the saddle and from the ground. She moves freely with tölt and trot, but we still need to work on her balance a little. She has already been in the forest, she is curious about the surroundings, but still a bit uncertain.

    Born: 2016

    Price: see table

  • Smári

    Hvitsmári frá Punktur

    F: Leikur frá Efri – Bvera

    M: Rósmarin frá Punktur

    Small, gray, friendly gelding

    Smári is a small gray gelding with a very friendly disposition. He is gentle and trusting in contact with people. He is eager to go forward and  he is curious about his surrounding. He has an even, free and long stride. He looks nice in a trot. He begins to show tölt, which still needs improvement and regular training.

    Born: 2016

    Price: see table

  • Tytur

    Týtulingresi frá Punktur

    F: Leikur frá Efri – Bvera

    M: Appelsina frá Punktur

    Nice gray gelding

    Tytur is a nicely built gray gelding. He is a young horse and has just started his adventure in the saddle. At first, while working from the ground, he needed a little more time to relax – he was tense and distrustful in contact with people. However, Tytur is one of those horses that like to surprise: already during the first lunging with a rider on his back, it turned out that tölt came easily to him. As training progressed and riding regularly, Tytur made great progress: he is changing his gaits freely and moves from tölt to trot and vice versa, his balance under the rider has improved a lot and he has become more emotionally stable and confident.

    He is still not sure in contact with people, but he gets better every day and he gains trust in people. Good training will allow to fully reveal his huge potential. Due to his great pedigree and great gaits, we believe that he will be an ideal recreational horse in the future.

    Born in 2016

    Price: see table

  • Haera

    Grahaera frá Punktur

    Father: Hugleikur frá Hörakri

    Mother: Kornrós frá Punktur

    Pretty black mare with character

    Haera is a black, five-gated mare. All of her gaits are smooth and spacious. She has a lot of energy and is able to go fast. Her tölt is nice but it still needs some work before it becomes smooth and balanced. She has a predisposition for pass but we have not trained it yet because of her young age.

    In the beginning of her training it was a pleasure to work with her. However, when it came to more advanced and demanding work, she started to show her temper. Haera has plenty of energy and personality so she needs an experienced owner.

    Haera is calm and easy during brushing, saddling, and cleaning hooves. She likes to be in a group and usually stands high in the hierarchy. She enjoys having company while riding in the woods.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

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