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  • Brandur

    Surtarbrandur frá Punktur

    Father: Visir frá Syđri-Grofi

    Mother: Álblomgađur frá Punktur

    Beautifully built elegant gelding

    Brandur is a beautifully built young gelding. His unique golden color and noble posture are immediately noticeable. He has a very good, comfortable, stable and even tolt and high leg action. He is a calm and friendly horse. Courageously, willingly and confidently goes forward, picks up rider signals very well. Brandur is curious about the world, quickly learns new things and adapts to new situations.

    It will be an ideal horse for a person who appreciates elegance, lightness of riding and a calm, friendly character.

    Born: 2018

    Price: see table

  • Kjari

    Kjarrsveifgrass frá Punktur

    Father: Lambarljómi frá Punktur

    Mother: Lyfjagras frá Punktur

    Fine recreation Icelandic gelding with a special variegated color

    Kjari is a calm and mild-tempered horse. The characteristic that distinguishes him from most Icelandic horses are his amazing amber eyes. It is a gelding that works very well with a rider and has a natural tölt. Willingly and very quickly learns new things.

    Kjari is the horse for the person looking for a stable and balanced gelding that can be trusted.

    Born: 2018

    Price: see table

  • Vestar

    Vestar frá Draumur

    Father: Visir frá Syđri-Grofi

    Mother: Eyarrós frá Punktur

    Heavily built 4-year-old gelding

    He is a strong horse with a gentle character. He easily acquires new skills and has a natural tolt. He is curious about the world and notices a lot of things around him. He likes to work with people. Vestar inherited many features from his mother, who was an oasis of peace and gentleness.

    This is a horse for a peson looking for a calm, gentle gelding with a very good tolt, who will have no problem carrying a heavier rider.

    As young as he is, so reliable he is and how easy he picks up everything. A horse is a jewel as a recreational horse, but can also grow further, together with you.

    Born: 2018

    Price: see table

  • Mulla

    Grámulla frá Punktur

    Father: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

    Mother: Hör frá Punktur

    Mulla is a real recreational horse for outdoor rides

    Mulla is a mature, controlled mare. She is a bit older and has therefore seen more. She is not often impressed. She can go on longer rides to unknown areas along with you. She has a comfortable, quiet spin, but it needs to be ridden. Her other gaits are easy and comfortable. She reads the rider’s signals very well, making riding pleasant and undemanding.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Skufur

    Sigurskúfur frá Punktur

    Father: Rauthgreni frá Punktur

    Mother: Raudfifa frá Punktur

    A horse with a great character, still young but already very well on its way in his development

    Skufur is a strongly and very proportionately built gelding. During riding he is brave, confident and willingly goes forward. It responds very well to the rider and the signals he sends. Skufur has a natural tolt and willingly works with a human. He is composed and trusting. Quickly acquires knowledge and adapts to new situations.

    This is a gelding for someone looking for a great horse. As young as he is, he is already stable in his head. Gentle in character brave and with impeccable toll and lightness in driving. Young and developing, but already easy.

    Born: 2019

    Price: see table

  • Hattur

    Sólhattur frá Punktur

    Father: Lambarljómi frá Punktur

    Mother: Jöklasóley frá Punktur

    5-year-old, very friendly chestnut

    Hattur is a 5-year-old, very friendly chestnut. He seeks contact with people, adores being pet. He is in the middle of training – we work on his stability and easy tölt. He is an alert and careful horse, but also willing to cooperate with people. His blind left eye has no impact on the quality of riding on Hattur. He is a very patient and tolerant horse and is very tolerant to all types of procedures. He is a horse for those, who are not only looking for a great riding horse but also for a given friend.

    Born: 2018

    Price: see table

  • Baldi

    Baldi frá Draumur

    Father: Mosi frá Punktur

    Mother: Vördis frá Rödli

    Nice chestnut gelding

    Baldi is a nice chestnut gelding. It is a friendly horse, but careful in contact with humans. He is highly sensitive. During training, when he gains confidence, he looks for support in people. He watches closely and waits for the coach’s signal. During lunging, he moves most preferably at trot. He is alert under the saddle. In the last few months, he has made great progress and working with him gives a lot of satisfaction. Baldi is a horse for an experienced rider who will help build his confidence. And then you also see that you have a horse with possibilities, with whom you can go far together. You then have a great horse of your own in Baldi, focused on you, who wants to do everything with you.

    Born: 2016

    Price: see table

  • Blomi

    Blómi frá Punktur

    Father: Rauthgreni frá Punktur

    Mother: Skrautstjarna frá Punktur

    Well-built, compact 5-year-old chestnut gelding

    He is a nice and easy riding horse and has a natural and energetic tölt. Despite his young age, he shows calmness and is learning better and better to carry out the aids that the rider gives. He is brave, willingly goes ahead. He likes learning and learns new things quickly and gets to know the world in the process. He likes people and is interesting and works very well together.

    Born: 2018

    Price: see table

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