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We are an icelandic horses stable in Poland. We breed Icelandic horses, let them grow up, ride them and sell them to people who love them.

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Elselien Klein of Punktur Icelandic Horses wrote the book “IJslanders begrijpen”.

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  • Gryta

    Gryta frá Punktur bronkruid

    Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

    Mother: Vallasúra frá Punktur

    Calm, black mare with an expressive face

    Gryta is a four-gated mare that learns quickly and is cooperating. She likes to do what you ask, as long as she understands and is able to do it. If you are sitting good, she tölts easily, but if you don’t sit deep enough, she changes to trot.

    When we started to ride her on the road, she wasn’t an outstanding horse. She was kind and well behaving, but not striking. This changed entirely when we started to go to the forest with her. She really likes to ride in a new environment and shows that she enjoys the rides.

    Gryta is still young and has not so much experience yet, so you can feel that some things are strange to her. She is not scary at all and won’t take off, but you can feel stress in her body. In such situations, she needs some time to look and to think. Then she mostly concludes that there is nothing to be scared of and she goes on.

    Gryta is a lovely, affectionate mare who often comes to say hello and she shows that she likes to work with you. We are sure that she will be a great recreational horse, but at the moment she still needs some support to explore new situations, so she learns that new things are rarely scary.

    Born in 2014

    Price: see table

  • Gull

    Gullmura frá Punktur alpine potentilla (Gull: gold

    Father: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

    Mother: Hör frá Punktur

    Big palomino mare with a lot of enthusiasm

    Gull is a tall, strong built mare with a very light palomino colour and a blaze. She is obviously a four-gated horse and in the beginning of the training it took a while for her to find the tölt and find her balance in it. At this moment, she prefers to go tölt and she can go slow to medium tempo, but if she goes to fast, she changes to trot.

    Gull really loves to go for a ride in the forest, she is always enthusiast to ride and the whole ride, her ears point to the front. She is very strong and has a big endurance.

    She thinks it is a waste of time to walk and prefers to go tölt the whole ride. She doesn’t plan to slow down or to stop, but if you ask it, she does it nicely.

    She tölts with a lot of collection and her head proud in the air. Even uphill and downhill she feels super safe and very strong. You can feel she needs some warming up because during the ride, her gates become more spacious. She really enjoys longer rides and just goes on tölting the whole way if you let her.

    Although Gull is still young and has no so much experience yet, it feels like she saw and passed through everything and there is not so much she is afraid of. Her mother, Hör, who worked here as a guest-horse for a long time, was exactly the same.

    For Gull, we are looking for a rider with experience, who wants to enjoy a lot of active rides, but also likes to do some dressage work with her to keep her flexible and learn her to stretch her neck and back.

    Born in 2013

    Price: see table

  • Klukka

    Hrafnklukka frá Punktur bellflower

    Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

    Mother: Angilja frá Punktur

    Elegantly built, promising black mare

    Klukka is a late maturing, five-gated mare. She got some extra time to grow and now she shows that this time was very useful. As a foal and a young horse, she was always a little meagre, especially the winters took a lot of her energy, but this winter she changed totally and she grew a lot, in height and in width. To our estimate, she grew almost 10cm and now she looks like a real horse in stead of a lanky foal. She also became a lot stronger, but she still has to get used to her bigger body and find back her balance. This winter, Klukka was in the herd with the foals to lead them and especially at the end of the winter, she developed as a real playful horse. We often saw her galloping through the meadow with a group of foals behind her.

    With groundwork, it was very clear that before any training, Klukka first needed to find back her balance because trotting in a circle turned out to be very difficult. Every session it got better and better and finally she can trot in 2 tempi on a circle. Now we slowly start to ride her. Very calm, short sessions, some steps of tölt and still some groundwork in between, to not overcharge her. This goes pretty well, she is very sensitive with riding, so we have to be careful with the signs we give her, but apart from that, Klukka does a great job and tölt is very easy to find.

    With the current progression, Klukka will be a very nice riding horse with spacious, easy to ride gates, who needs only light signs from the rider.

    Born in 2014

    Price: see table

  • Greni

    Rauthgreni frá Punktur red willow

    Father: Vignir frá Punktur

    Mother: Alfadis frá Lotus

    Really red, sporty built chestnut with long, full manes

    In the herd, Greni immediately catches the eyes of everyone. On one hand because he still pesents himself as a stallion, on the other hand because of his attitude and his looks. He is a beautiful red chestnut with long manes and a proud posture. He is elegant, but yet very firmly built.

    With ground work he likes to know what kind of human he has with him. He tries you out and sees if he can decide what he wants to do, but when he concludes that you are worth working for, he is easy and kind. He needs some challenges though because otherwise he is bored very soon and he switches his concentration to everything around him.

    We slightly started to ride him and from the beginning on, he is very easy and well behaving. Under the saddle he has a good work attitude and is concentrated on the rider. He isn’t distracted quickly and is a real, cool Icelandic horse. He will not be impressed of something easily. Greni is truely four-gaited. Tölt is still rather difficult for him, but slow speed goes well. He still needs a lot of support, but you can feel he does the best he can. Bit by bit it goes faster, but it is balancing the whole time because when he goes too fast, he falls in trot.

    We used Greni as a stallion for two years and we have some nice foals from him, but we decided not to let him cover another year because he has a lot of relatives in the herd.

    That is the reason Greni is now for sale, he is looking for an owner who wants to improve his tölt and likes to have a cool horse for challenging rides.

    Greni is castrated on the 28th of May and can move from the 23rd of July.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Bera

    Gardaber frá Punktur (Bera)

    F: Litli-Skjóni frá Hofi

    M: Drotting van Woldlake

    Bera is a big, black mare with spacious gates.

    Bera rides here already a few years with guests. She does it very good, a lot of people learned something form her because she mirrors everything very clear and honest. She can tölt very spacious and comfortable, but if you don’t sit quite right, she chooses the easy way and she goes to trot.

    She can tölt from a slow tempo to a rather fast tempo and has a good trot, but the trot is not trained yet.

    Bera loves to go for a ride in the forest, but riding in front for a long time of going out alone is still difficult for her. We think this will improve a lot when she builds up trust with 1 rider.

    Bera got 4 foals here. They all inherited the form of her head. We started to train her oldest foal and he shows that he is a kind, well behaved horse that likes to cooperate and quickly learns new things.

    Born: 2011

    Price: see table

  • Þina

    Þina frá Punktur

    F: Vignir frá Punktur

    M: Myrta frá Punktur

    Þina is a trustworthy, well-built palomino mare who has seen a lot of the world already.

    She is a calm, kind mare with a very easy and comfortable tölt. She rides here already a few years with guests and helps us as a calm, stable companion for our young horses during training.

    From a young age, Þina is very easy to ride, kind, sweet and cooperating. Very mature and reliable. Her tölt is uncomplicated, she tölts always and everywhere.

    As a horse for our guests, she is kind and careful for everyone, she makes sure everyone feels safe on her back en feels how comfortable tölt can be. She clearly adapts to the rider. With insecure riders, she is very careful and easy, but she expects more active riding from more advanced riders, otherwise she does what is most easy for her. Also for us, to lead a group, she is an amazing horse, but if you are dreaming on her, she takes it easy.

    While supporting young horses, she is very calm and she isn’t intimidated by enthousiastic, jumpy types, she just goes on.

    To thank her for the long time she is working here, we are looking for someone who fits with her to ride active, do fun stuff and who wants to build a close bond with her.

    She really earned an own human who wants to give her a nice life and the attention she deserves so much.

    Born: 2011

    Price: see table

  • Þyrna

    Þyrnirós frá Punktur (Þyrna)

    F: Ljónslappi frá Punktur

    M: Flækja frá Punktur

    Þyrna is a dark chestnut mare with a lot of blond manes and a star and snip.

    She is a big mare with a selfconfident and expressive appearance. In the herd, she has a high position, preferably rank number 2.

    Because of her appearance, she is the eye catcher of the stable. Her long, blond manes immediately catch the eye, especially in contrast with her dark chestnut colour.

    To ride, Þyrna is a horse with character. She is bomproof, but she wants a rider who is wothh it to work for. She clearly has her own will and if it is the same like the will of the rider, she is a fantastic horse to ride. She chooses to go tölt and she has a wide pace range. When she wants something else than the rider, you will have to convince her as rider that what you want is also nice to do.

    Þyrna got 4 foals here, the last one is just born, so if you want to meet Þyrna and her foal, you are welcome. She is enjoying a few weeks maternity leave, afterwards we pick up her training again and if the foal is weand, Þyrna can move to her new home.

    Born: 2012

    Price: see table

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