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We are an icelandic horses stable in Poland. We breed Icelandic horses, let them grow up, ride them and sell them to people who love them.

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Meer informatie over IJslanders: geschiedenis, kenmerkende eigenschappen en gebruik.


Elselien Klein of Punktur Icelandic Horses wrote the book “IJslanders begrijpen”.

Horses for sale

  • Eski

    Eski frá Punktur

    F: Leikur frá Efri-Þverá

    M: Þina frá Punktur

    Little, calm tölting machine.

    Eski is a small, but strong Icelandic horse. He has a powerfull character and likes that you take him into account, but at the same time, he is always very calm. He is always easy and won’t spoil his energy. Eski is, just like his mom Þina, a natural tölter and he has a soft, pure tölt. Groundwork was very boring in his opinion, and he made sure that we knew it. Luckily he loves riding, so training is getting more and more fun. He keeps his own tempo and tölts on easy in this way. His tempo will increase with more training, but at this moment he is just lightly ridden in and the accent of the training was relaxation, fun and tölt.

    We certainly reached that, so now we can focus more on the technical side of riding with a relaxed, happy horse.

    Eski has a special colour andfor a long time, we wondered what colour it could be… As a young horse he was palomino with brown legs. Then he changed colour every season and got darker and darker. But now we know, he is a grey horse, palomina born. And that means, that he will be darker before he gets white. So we solved the mystery and now we are wondering which colour he will be next season.

    Born in 2015

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  • Grænir

    Grænir frá Punktur pine

    F: Leikur frá Efri-Þverá

    M: Kornrós frá Punktur

    Big, cool gelding with a golden character.

    Grænir is a big, strong and soft hearted gelding. He is friendly to people, is always looking for contact and adores attention and hugs. Hij likes to do thinks together! Cuddling, brushing, groundwork, walking, riding… He loves everything as long as he gets a lot of attention. He is a real teamplayer and very motivated. He always needs to think deeply about new stuff, but then he starts to understand and in the end, you can see him being proud because he learned something new.

    Græir is now lightly ridden in and the training was a lot of fun! He feels very strong and stable for a young horse and he has nice gaits, easy and spacious. Tölt is not difficult for him, but he needs some support to keep going tölt. Of course, we concentrate a lot on the tölt in our training, but Grænir shoed already that he has a wonderful trot too.

    Grænir is a grey horse and he is still quite dark, so in the next years, his colour will change untill he is really white.

    The next step in his training is to go more often to the forest and explore new routes. We are already convinced that Grænir will like that because he is very curious and loves to discover new things.

    Grænir will be an amazig Icelandic horse to ride a lot outside, strong, happy, trustable and alwys in for some fun!

    Born in 2015

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  • Kobbi

    Jakobsfífill frá Punktur alpine fleabane

    F: Vignir frá Punktur

    M: Garđaber frá Punktur

    Coal-black gelding with a friendly character and a nice tölt.

    Kobbi is a sturdy and big gelding who is already very easy, although he is still young. He is a calm horse, but very willing to go. He tölted from the beginning of his training and although he sometimes needs some support, mostly he goes in a pure tölt! In training we start now to change the tempo, there’s not yet a big difference, but every time it goes better!

    Kobbi is a handsome and tall young boy. His head is beautiful and his expression always open and friendly. He is really coal-black with a shiny coat and in winter the most soft hair you can imagine.

    Kobbi feels very strong and stable with a rider on his back. This feeling increases because he is also mentally very calm and strong! Of course he doesn’t have much experience yet, but he always keeps calm in new or unexpected situations. In such situation, you can feel that he first thinks and then takes the decision that everything is save.

    Kobbi is a nice horse to work with, he is motivated, he thinks with you and he wants to do his very best for you. He loves to go riding in the forest, preferably together with an other horse for company and then discover the world!

    He also enjoys to be groomed and brushed and some groundwork from time to time. Only not to much in a riding hall because that’s boring, according to him.

    With a rider who can support him and takes his young age into account, Kobbi will grow up to a wonderfull horse who will conquer the world in tölt.

    Born in 2015

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  • Yrkjandi

    Yrkjandi frá Punktur

    F: Hugleikur frá Hörakri

    M: Ilmajurt frá Punktur

    Social and playful meadow buddy.

    We don’t sell Yrkjandi as a riding horse, because of an old injury he is occasionally crippled. We are looking for a nice place for him where he can serve as a meadow mate.

    For Yrkjandi we are looking for a nice home where he can be together with other horses in the meadow and where he has someone who can give him extra attention.

    As a young horse he probably played too wild and broke a bone. He was still young and we had time and place, so we gave him the rest and time to heal and look what the future would bring. For a long time it went good, far better than we expected. After a few months of rest, he started to play again, first with the foals, later also with the other young stallions and geldings.

    Halfway 2019, we asked the vet to make x-rays. The broken part is nowhere to be seen and the bending test went perfect, so we wanted to start his training. But at that moment he walked a little lame again. We decided not to train him and since that moment, he is on and off a little lame. We can’t really find out what the problem is because every time when the vet is here, he walks normally. We don’t want to go on wih training without knowing what might be wrong, so we are looking now for a new home for him.

    He is very sweet and easy to handle and a nice horse to have in a group, social and very playful. We had him for a winter together with our foals and that was super. The foals all liked him and he played and raced a lot with them through the whole meadow. Unfortunately, he gets too fat when we keep him with the foals, so he couldn’t stay there.

    He likes groundwork, loves the attention and teamwork and to learn new things.

    We don’t know what the future will bring for him, but here we don’t have the possibilities for a full examination.

    Born in 2014

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  • Menta

    Píparmenta frá Punktur (peppermint)

    Father: Vignir frá Punktur

    Mother: Fra Elly van de Grolhorst

    Lovely, cooperative chestnut mare

    You wouldn’t notice Menta in the group, until you want to do something with her. Than she becomes a studious, motivated and enthusiastic horse. She thinks with you during training sessions and learns very quickly. This makes her a great horse to work with.

    Menta is a four-gaited mare, but tölt is difficult for her. She works on it with a lot of enthousiasm and you can feel how much effort she puts into it. At the moment she can do a clean tölt at walking pace. Trot is more easy for her and she enjoys to make some tempo in trot.

    Now we are teaching her to use her body in a proper way because she keeps her head very high. She picks it up quickly, in dubbellonging as well as in riding, but it is important to keep paying attention to it.

    Menta needs an experienced rider who likes to teach her more dressage and meanwhile enjoys a smart, lovely and always motivated horse with a lot of talent.

    Born in 2013

    Price: see table

  • Lufa

    Lúfa frá Punktur (laburnum / Golden Rain)

    F: Vignir frá Punktur

    M: Eina frá Punktur

    Elegantly built, social mare with a very light palomino colour

    Lúfa is a young, friendly mare. She is very social to people as well as to other horses. She is a four-gaited horse, but tölt is very difficult for her. We decided to ride her in as a three-gaited horse, so she can first find her balance in trot and get stronger. She will be able to tölt in the future, when she gets more training and an experienced rider. Her trot under the saddle is spacious, easy and very comfortable.

    Lúfa is sensible and very light to ride, but she is not spooky. She might be a little ill at ease in new situations because she doesn’t have much experience yet. We started to ride her in and she did it great, and now we are learning her all the basic things.She picks it up very quickly.
    In the herd, Lúfa has a low position, but is great to see that she takes care of the other horses low in position. When they have to change from meadow, we often see her looking backward and slowing down to check if everyone is following.

    Lúfa is a very nice, young mare to develop into a kind and reliable recreation horse.

    Born in 2015

    Price: see table

  • Gryta

    Gryta frá Punktur bronkruid

    Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

    Mother: Vallasúra frá Punktur

    Calm, black mare with an expressive face

    Gryta is a four-gated mare that learns quickly and is cooperating. She likes to do what you ask, as long as she understands and is able to do it. If you are sitting good, she tölts easily, but if you don’t sit deep enough, she changes to trot.

    When we started to ride her on the road, she wasn’t an outstanding horse. She was kind and well behaving, but not striking. This changed entirely when we started to go to the forest with her. She really likes to ride in a new environment and shows that she enjoys the rides.

    Gryta is still young and has not so much experience yet, so you can feel that some things are strange to her. She is not scary at all and won’t take off, but you can feel stress in her body. In such situations, she needs some time to look and to think. Then she mostly concludes that there is nothing to be scared of and she goes on.

    Gryta is a lovely, affectionate mare who often comes to say hello and she shows that she likes to work with you. We are sure that she will be a great recreational horse, but at the moment she still needs some support to explore new situations, so she learns that new things are rarely scary.

    Born in 2014

    Price: see table

  • Klukka

    Hrafnklukka frá Punktur bellflower

    Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

    Mother: Angilja frá Punktur

    Elegantly built, promising black mare

    Klukka is a late maturing, five-gated mare. She got some extra time to grow and now she shows that this time was very useful. As a foal and a young horse, she was always a little meagre, especially the winters took a lot of her energy, but this winter she changed totally and she grew a lot, in height and in width. To our estimate, she grew almost 10cm and now she looks like a real horse in stead of a lanky foal. She also became a lot stronger, but she still has to get used to her bigger body and find back her balance. This winter, Klukka was in the herd with the foals to lead them and especially at the end of the winter, she developed as a real playful horse. We often saw her galloping through the meadow with a group of foals behind her.

    With groundwork, it was very clear that before any training, Klukka first needed to find back her balance because trotting in a circle turned out to be very difficult. Every session it got better and better and finally she can trot in 2 tempi on a circle. Now we slowly start to ride her. Very calm, short sessions, some steps of tölt and still some groundwork in between, to not overcharge her. This goes pretty well, she is very sensitive with riding, so we have to be careful with the signs we give her, but apart from that, Klukka does a great job and tölt is very easy to find.

    With the current progression, Klukka will be a very nice riding horse with spacious, easy to ride gates, who needs only light signs from the rider.

    Born in 2014

    Price: see table

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