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We are an icelandic horses stable in Poland. We breed Icelandic horses, let them grow up, ride them and sell them to people who love them.

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Elselien Klein of Punktur Icelandic Horses wrote the book “IJslanders begrijpen”.

Horses for sale

  • Mjödur

    Epplamjöður frá Punktur cider

    F.  Litli-Skjoni frá Hofi

    M. Villablom frá Punktur

    Cinnamon-brown gelding which quickly ripens to a nice horse.

    Mjödur is a light brown, almost honey-colored gelding. His preferred gait is tölt, which he shows best under the saddle and is really comfortable. Riding in a group can be done in any position: in front, in the back or in the middle, it does not matter where Mjödur is. He just loves to ride, in the group or alone.

    In the beginning, naturally, he thought everything was very exciting. But now he is so used to the surroundings he doesn’t notice it anymore.  He usually is relaxed, cool in his head and enjoys the rides. But sometimes you can still notice that he is young, he will  become somewhat insecure with strange things. He stops to watch and as he has discovered that it is nothing scary  he will continue. Not running nor turning, just as it is.

    He is a very nice horse to make comfortable, relaxed rides.
    We expect Mjödur to develop into a fine recreational horse and will be great to explore the outside world with his new owner.

    Born 2013 Price see table

  • Nykra

    Fjallnykra frá Punktur  Reddish pondweed

    F: Skjald-burkni frá Punktur

    M: Depla frá Punktur

    Sweet and easy mare with good gaits but still not yet fully grown up

    Nykra is a large, finely-built foxmare without extra markings and with plenty beautiful manes and an elegant head with a sweet expression. That sweetness you will notice both during riding and handling.

    Because ot this the training periods with her were all easy. She is smart, sensitive and not easily impressed by strange things and she loves working with you. This all makes an ideal combination for training and learning.  She is a mare who, despite her young age, goes with you for a field ride, as the front horse or alone with you, easy and stable.

    Nykra has spacious gaits, an easy to ride tölt and a lot of enthousiasm, she loves riding. This, together with her cheerful temperament, makes her  an enthousiastic but well-behaved mare who likes to make journeys, walks and ridings with lots of tölt.

    Nykra has an open, social and sweet character. So she will always be happy when she can  do things together with you. This can be out  for a ride, ground work or just a good brushing.

    Born 2013 Price see table

  • Askja

    Askja frá Punktur ashtree

    F:  Ljonslappi frá Punktur

    M: Drottning van Woldlake

    Promising black, spacious and natural gaited mare

    Askja has beautiful spacious gaits and a great temperament. She’s a real Icelandic mare to take to the competitions. And when you communicate with her on a good base, she wants to do everything for you. She is so super-responsive to all impulses and riding-aids, so you can better ride her light and easy, instead of coarse and clear. A fast tölt has her preference, but slower tölt is getting better and better because she gains strength. Although her temperament is actually manageable, she has to work on bit acceptance. But she is surely a young lady but with beautiful prospects  .

    Born 2012 Price see table

  • Hella

    Helluhnođra  frá Punktur                                                                        

    F: Litli-Skjoni frá Hofi

    M: Freya frá Punktur

    Brown sportstype mare without  markings and with smooth and spacious movements and much natural tölt.

    When we started training Hella, it was not easy nor a quick fit. Fierce in her reactions and no time to think! Now she understands more and she likes to collaborate. But sometimes it is back: the volcanic vehemence. When she walks you will see her qualities: spacious, forward, well gaited with much tölt and strong. When she will be well trained this is going to be a greet Icelandic sport horse.

    Born 2011 Price see table

  • Gusta

    Gusta Mana Ifili

    F: Gandur vom Erlengrund

    M: Fjodur fra Bakka

    Brown four-gaited mare with a nice tölt and an Icelandic character

    Gusta is a true four-gaiter with an easy to ride tölt and a good trot and galop.

    By working she is co-operative and under the saddle she becomes increasingly stronger and better in balance. We are on the right track and she becomes stronger and easier each time.

    Gusta has an independent and strong character, so her boss must be strong and a leader. But if she sees you as a good boss, she’s a nice mare who wants to do her best for you. Due to her history, she can be very strong in her reactions to people and bossy to horses and dogs. But it’s challenging and at Punktur’s she is developing more socially.

    Born 2012 Sold


  • Rauður

    Rauðrófur frá Punktur  red beet

    F: Vignir frá Punktur

    M: Hreðka E v.d.Lappenvoorde


    Big and beautiful riding horse; easy to ride, stable and strong in his head; a foxcoloured Icelandic horse from a good type and with much and much tölt.

    Rauður is a cool strong chestnut gelding: not only built strongly and compact, but also with a strong character. That is why you have to win him for yourself, but then he wants to go through the fire for you! He is young and fresh now but he is definitely a fine riding horse. We think of him as a strong recreational horse, who will stay “with you” even in stressy situations.

    In the ground work you really had to prove to him that you were worth doing something and you had to be very clear in everything, otherwise he made up his own interpretation.  But during his training he completely passed that stage and  he really wants to cooperate now. He thinks riding is really super, especially now we regularly make longer trips in the forest. He works at the short journeys with the same cheerful commitment, but he does show that he is somewhat disappointed when you are back home soon. In the forest he is clearly a tough icelandic horse. Even during the first stages of becoming a saddle horse he was already leading the group. He looks around attentively and if there is something that attracts his attention, he looks extra attentively, but once it is well looked at, he continues firmly.

    Through a gentle explicit way of training he developed into a cooperative horse who loves to work for you. Not easily impressed, brave and strong and with an own and very Icelandic character, but also sweet and friendly and always cheerful!


    Born 2013 Price see table

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