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We are an icelandic horses stable in Poland. We breed Icelandic horses, let them grow up, ride them and sell them to people who love them.

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Elselien Klein of Punktur Icelandic Horses wrote the book “IJslanders begrijpen”.

Horses for sale

  • Bera

    Gardaber frá Punktur (Bera)

    F: Litli-Skjóni frá Hofi

    M: Drotting van Woldlake

    Bera is a big, black mare with spacious gates.

    Bera rides here already a few years with guests. She does it very good, a lot of people learned something form her because she mirrors everything very clear and honest. She can tölt very spacious and comfortable, but if you don’t sit quite right, she chooses the easy way and she goes to trot.

    She can tölt from a slow tempo to a rather fast tempo and has a good trot, but the trot is not trained yet.

    Bera loves to go for a ride in the forest, but riding in front for a long time of going out alone is still difficult for her. We think this will improve a lot when she builds up trust with 1 rider.

    Bera got 4 foals here. They all inherited the form of her head. We started to train her oldest foal and he shows that he is a kind, well behaved horse that likes to cooperate and quickly learns new things.

    Born: 2011

    Price: see table

  • Þina

    Þina frá Punktur

    F: Vignir frá Punktur

    M: Myrta frá Punktur

    Þina is a trustworthy, well-built palomino mare who has seen a lot of the world already.

    She is a calm, kind mare with a very easy and comfortable tölt. She rides here already a few years with guests and helps us as a calm, stable companion for our young horses during training.

    From a young age, Þina is very easy to ride, kind, sweet and cooperating. Very mature and reliable. Her tölt is uncomplicated, she tölts always and everywhere.

    As a horse for our guests, she is kind and careful for everyone, she makes sure everyone feels safe on her back en feels how comfortable tölt can be. She clearly adapts to the rider. With insecure riders, she is very careful and easy, but she expects more active riding from more advanced riders, otherwise she does what is most easy for her. Also for us, to lead a group, she is an amazing horse, but if you are dreaming on her, she takes it easy.

    While supporting young horses, she is very calm and she isn’t intimidated by enthousiastic, jumpy types, she just goes on.

    To thank her for the long time she is working here, we are looking for someone who fits with her to ride active, do fun stuff and who wants to build a close bond with her.

    She really earned an own human who wants to give her a nice life and the attention she deserves so much.

    Born: 2011

    Price: see table

  • Þyrna

    Þyrnirós frá Punktur (Þyrna)

    F: Ljónslappi frá Punktur

    M: Flækja frá Punktur

    Þyrna is a dark chestnut mare with a lot of blond manes and a star and snip.

    She is a big mare with a selfconfident and expressive appearance. In the herd, she has a high position, preferably rank number 2.

    Because of her appearance, she is the eye catcher of the stable. Her long, blond manes immediately catch the eye, especially in contrast with her dark chestnut colour.

    To ride, Þyrna is a horse with character. She is bomproof, but she wants a rider who is wothh it to work for. She clearly has her own will and if it is the same like the will of the rider, she is a fantastic horse to ride. She chooses to go tölt and she has a wide pace range. When she wants something else than the rider, you will have to convince her as rider that what you want is also nice to do.

    Þyrna got 4 foals here, the last one is just born, so if you want to meet Þyrna and her foal, you are welcome. She is enjoying a few weeks maternity leave, afterwards we pick up her training again and if the foal is weand, Þyrna can move to her new home.

    Born: 2012

    Price: see table

  • Thella

    Sortdella frá Punktur black fir

    F: Vignir frá Punktur
    M: Álblomgadur frá Punktur

    Compactly built, cool chestnut mare

    Thella is a young mare who felt very fearless and cool when riding her from the first time. She rides back and forth on the road, without looking up from anything. For her it is all common to life and she is not impressed by it. This makes her very venturous, quirky and frolic. She needs someone who is able to sense this and give her borders because otherwise the whole world will be her playground. Thella has also from the very beginning a comfortable, easy to ride tölt. It is obvious that tölt is her favourite gate.

    Cool Thella with an lovely tölt is clearly the daughter of two of our favourite horses. Her mother Alda is a friendly, easy going mare whith an amazing tölt who always likes to go for a ride and her father Vignir is a cool teddy bear who is not afraid of anything.

    At this moment, Thella is enjoying a nice holiday after her first riding period. This training was very easy, following or going in front did not matter for her and tölt was even more easy. The next step is to go to the forest with her and show her some more of the world. The reason why we have this fantastic young mare for sale is because she has a slight underbite. It is no problem at all for her, but at this moment, we have so many good breeding mares that we have to make a choice about which we keep for breeding and which not and so it is a reason to sell her.

    For Thella we are looking for someone who likes a willful horse with a sense of humour and who wants to explore the wide world together with her.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Stjarna

    Skrautstjarna frá Punktur

    Stjarna star

    F: Vignir frá Punktur
    M: Eyarrós frá Punktur

    Elegant, tall, reliable and at the same time peppy chestnut mare with light manes

    In the beginnning, Stjarna had to figure out what tölt was with her long legs. But after a few times she got it and it became very easy. She had a first riding period and it went all very well. Happily she rides back and forth on the road, from time to time ahead of the rest. She needs a rider who can give her confidence and tells her that this plastic bag is not doing anything. But then there is no more problem and she passes it easily. Stjarna has a comfortable tölt that is easy to ride. Also the acceptance of the bit is remarkably good. With only a noseband and bitless, she now feels a little too strong. She shows this by shaking her head, but if you take the bit with a soft contact, she follows nice and quiet the reins as a young horse. Apart from that, Stjarna is a real lady with leading capacities. She likes the things to go on her way, but if you clarify that your way is also good, it is good for her too. But you should not demand anything from her because that is not the way you treat a real lady.

    Despite Stjarna is a nice young mare, we offer her for sale. At this moment there is a big choice of good breeding mares and for the breeding goal of Punktur (strong, compact, old type Icelandic horse), she is just too elegant. We assume that she will be firmer when she grows out, because her parents are both strongly built.

    Stjarna is looking for someone to rely on and who wants to build everything easily out and afterwards make nice rides and maybe a competition.

    Well, she is really a horse to bring further, as a recreation horse she will be fantastic, but she also has the abilities to go further.
    She has a bright future if she finds a friendly and fitting owner.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Gulviðir

    Gulviðir frá Punktur

    Gulviðir Meaning: golden willow

    F: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

    M: Bládepla frá Punktur

    Solidly built gelding with a very light palomino colour

    Gulviðir is a nice and solidly build gelding. What is particulairy striking about Gulviðir is his colour. A palomino so light that he is more often then not mistaken for a grey horse. A horse that you will mostly see in the meadow playing with the other horses.

    Gulviðir is a horse that is always a bit tense when he meets new things on the road. With a calm voice and gentle support he will take any barrier. The next day you will not notice he was anxious the day before. He saw, he came and he conquered.

    Tölt is easily ridden, but his tempo is still very slow. We expect that Gulviðir will develop to become an easy and endless tölter.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Kumen

    Kumen frá Punktur

    Kumen  Meaning: cumin

    F: Hugleiker frá Hörakri

    M: Flugahnoðri frá Punktur

    Big blue dun gelding

    Kumen is a young gelding, now 4 years old. In the meadow you always spot him, his size and colour make him a real eye-catcher. He is very social, very often he will come to you to say hello or make some contact and besides that he loves to play with the other horses in the herd.

    Kumen is still developping in his training. He learns quick, working in the roundpenn, the bit and the saddle all went very easy. Ridin as a hand-horse is something he likes. That’s why he was used as a hand-horse on the open day. He did great, walking along with his companion and enoying all the people watching him.

    Kumen has had little training under the rider. At the moment he is in training again. Kumen is a very gentle horse while riding, now he mostly shows a very lateral tölt. We expect his beat to become clearer as his training continues.

    Born: 2014

    Price: see table

  • Nykra

    Fjallnykra frá Punktur

    Nykra Meaning: reddish pondweed

    F: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

    M: Bládepla frá Punktur

    Sweet and easy mare with good gaits but still not yet fully grown up

    Nykra is a large, finely-built foxmare without extra markings and with plenty beautiful manes and an elegant head with a sweet expression. That sweetness you will notice both during riding and handling.

    Because ot this the training periods with her were all easy. She is smart, sensitive and not easily impressed by strange things and she loves working with you. This all makes an ideal combination for training and learning.  She is a mare who, despite her young age, goes with you for a field ride, as the front horse or alone with you, easy and stable.

    Nykra has spacious gaits, an easy to ride tölt and a lot of enthousiasm, she loves riding. This, together with her cheerful temperament, makes her  an enthousiastic but well-behaved mare who likes to make journeys, walks and ridings with lots of tölt.

    Nykra has an open, social and sweet character. So she will always be happy when she can  do things together with you. This can be out  for a ride, ground work or just a good brushing.

    Born: 2013

    Price: see table

  • Askja

    Askja frá Punktur


    Askja Meaning: ashtree

    F:  Ljonslappi frá Punktur

    M: Drottning van Woldlake

    A promising and sensitive black mare

    Askja is a horse that needed some more time to grow up. As a young mare she behaved like a clown. We always felt that she is a quality horse, but she had it all covered under a hard shell of stress.

    This summer Askja has learned a lot with our intern. Riding outside in the forest, in the group or in front and also alone. With everything she is now a very fine horse to ride. Ahe has grown out of all the stress and now get the fun of riding. She is a sensitive horse, light on your aids, cooperative and happy. Askja is a forward thinking horse and a great tölter, from slow to higher speed. Also she has an easy trot and a nice canter.

    Askja is a mare with a lot of potential, but clearly looking for her own human to become a team with.

    Born: 2012

    Price: see table

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