Punktur Icelandic Horses

PUNKTUR POLAND ICELANDIC HORSES is a very active farm, where everything is about Icelandic horses.

We have a passion for the Icelandic breed and we see it as a challenge to make lots of people interested in Icelandic horses. They are very much worth to be loved. That is why we want to welcome everybody on our farm to meet our horses live! We really want to teach everybody how to handle and to ride these unique horses. Therefore every year we organise courses, lessons and rides with guests. We organise these in the hills of Poland around our farm. We also offer intensive starters riding courses, courses in communicating with horses and a lot more concerning Icelandic horses.

We have worked with Icelandic horses for over 35 years. We learned much of them and we enjoy to share out knowledge with you!

We breed Icelandic horses with lots of tölt, a nice temperament and a friendly character. When choosing the stallion we choose at first for a good and reliable character. Secound that we look at his tölting abilities and if he is a descendent of a tölting, friendly and problemless and easy to ride ancestors. Our goal to sell friendly and cooperative horses thrives our choise of stallions!

Our horses grow up in natural herds in large hilly pastures. This gives them big advantages for their whole lifetime; More social skills, more coordination and better muscles!

When the are matured, we train them ourselves. Some of them will become our new breeding horses, but in time all of them will eventually be sold to new owners.

We sell Icelandic horses. As a young horse they all are started in a very well thought way and are trained consciously. In our large pastures is enough space for other Icelandic horses to grow up together within our herd. We offer this space with all caretaking needed for the horses to grow up unconcerned. If you are interested you might consider to let your young Icelandic horse grow up at our farm. We take fully care of him and he will get a natural based and happy youth.

Punktur is situated in Poland, close to the German border at 150 km east of Dresden and 30 km north of Jelenia Gora.


Punktur stands for breeding and selling recreative Icelandic horses. The horses are reliable, sweet, have a good character and feature a good tölt. The horses live in a natural area: they are housed in groups, they have a lot of grass and hay, they have a lot of walking possibility and they drink out of a natural stream. During the training they take small steps into account for the young horses, so they get enough time to learn and grow. Furthermore they care about clarity and consequence for all horses during both handling and training.
Guests can come at all times to meet the horses. Next to that they spread as much knowledge as they can about housing and training from Icelandic horses. But the most important thing: enjoying a beautiful breed with extra gaits, that’s what Punktur stands for.


Punktur would love to grow up to be the number one Icelandic company for selling recreative horses and guest rides in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Showing people how to work with Icelandic horses and how much fun you can have with this unique breed. Spread knowledge and be an example for all horse people. A high level of sold horses, horses with an easy tölt and a friendly character, more sale and even more guests.