3 October 2017

For sale

During the year, the list with horses for sale changes as new horses are added and horses are sold. If you are interested in one of the horses or you are looking for something specific, email us! Sometimes we are already in negotiation and the horse you want is already (almost) sold! And first come, first served ūüôā

At the moment we get quite a few horses for a new start and training after which we sell them. We ride these horses for a while, learn all about them and start looking for a new owner, so that both the new owner and the horse are happy!

Our prices

Core business at Punktur is training horses and after that selling them. So the horses you find below on the price list have been trained in such a way that we find them comfortable and reliable. The description of each horse is as accurate as possible. But of course, every rider will have a different interpretation of how the horse behaves and feels.

The only way to get a good impression is to ride the horses. We find it very important that the “new combination” of rider and horse will become a safe and enjoyable combination. Therefore, we invite you to come to Poland to try your ideal horse. Should you close the sale during your stay, that week at Punktur will be for free!

We start riding the horses as a novice, at the age of four. In this process  they will get used to handling, saddle and bridle and will be trained to be ridden on roads and in the woods. After this phase the horse can be ridden on a easy level, is obedient and will know the tölt well. But it will still need time to see its world, to get stable in all the gaits and to get used to exceptional  situations that may occur.  Obviously, these horses are cheaper because  we have invested less time (= money) in training. It will be the task of the buyer to develop the horse further and to create a team.

During the next phase the horses will get more experienced and will get a better condition, become more stable and more reliable for more and more people. Because of a more extensive training, these youngsters will become more expensive in time. During this process we will find out what the talents of that particular  horse are and we will get an idea of its quality and define a goal for its future use.

With the ongoing development the horse will increase its rideability and we will adjust our sales price to the estimated quality.
We will show our most promising horses more and more on the special Icelandic tournaments.  Maybe we will meet you there!

Is there anything you would like to arrange differently, this is always negotiable (saddle included, take your own horse, lessons and training, etc). Mail us for the possibilities: info@punktur.nl

Check out our sales list to orientate yourself on the available horses!