3 October 2017

Horses for sale

Updated November 29th, 2021

Prices include export. We arrange the transport and administration coming with it and bring your horse anywhere you want in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Poland. Note: when you notice any differences, prices in the dutch list are leading.

PictureNameYear of birthDescriptionAvailablePrice
Njóli2017Black gelding with a lush maneSoldSold
Vari2017A nice black geldingNow€ 4.500,-
Ifjungur2017A friendly looking brown black geldingSoldSold
Einir2017Black tall geldingSoldSold
Kraeka2016 A big, pretty black mareSoldSold
Kollur2017A handsome tobiano chestnut geldingSoldSold

Here you will find general information on our sales.