Litli Draengur frá Skovstrupholm Father: Sirkill frá Efra-Asi Mother: Litla Fina frá Tondborg An ambitious, sport-oriented horse   Draengur is a sweet, robust riding horse, a real four-legged gaited that needs a real owner and he is ready for a life focused on training, competitions and courses. Draengur came to us as a trade-in project.[…]


Heluvórblom frá Punktur Father: Stefnir frá Alfholahjaleigu Mother: Vallasúra frá Punktur Roan mare with comfortable tölt Hela is an experienced mare that often goes on forest rides. She is brave and confident, yet sometimes stubborn. She is calm and easy during grooming. When riding, Hela goes forward with confidence. She is not scared of her[…]


Surtarbrandur frá Punktur Father: Visir frá Syđri-Grofi Mother: Álblomgađur frá Punktur Beautifully built elegant gelding Brandur is a beautifully built young gelding. His unique golden color and noble posture are immediately noticeable. He has a very good, comfortable, stable and even tolt and high leg action. He is a calm and friendly horse. Courageously, willingly[…]


Vestar frá Draumur Father: Visir frá Syđri-Grofi Mother: Eyarrós frá Punktur Heavily built 4-year-old gelding He is a strong horse with a gentle character. He easily acquires new skills and has a natural tolt. He is curious about the world and notices a lot of things around him. He likes to work with people. Vestar[…]


Sigurskúfur frá Punktur Father: Rauthgreni frá Punktur Mother: Raudfifa frá Punktur A horse with a great character, still young but already very well on its way in his development Skufur is a strongly and very proportionately built gelding. During riding he is brave, confident and willingly goes forward. It responds very well to the rider[…]


Baldi frá Draumur Father: Mosi frá Punktur Mother: Vördis frá Rödli Nice chestnut gelding Baldi is a nice chestnut gelding. It is a friendly horse, but careful in contact with humans. He is highly sensitive. During training, when he gains confidence, he looks for support in people. He watches closely and waits for the coach’s[…]


Ifjungur frá Punktur F: Umunarjurt frá Punktur M: Angilja frá Punktur A perfect recreational horse, but blind in one eye Ifjur is a beautifully built, rather slender yet muscular gelding. While working from the ground, he is very friendly, seeks contact with humans, approaches in hope for petting. While riding, he is rather alert, reacts[…]