Askja frá Punktur


Askja Meaning: ashtree

F:  Ljonslappi frá Punktur

M: Drottning van Woldlake

A promising and sensitive black mare

Askja is a horse that needed some more time to grow up. As a young mare she behaved like a clown. We always felt that she is a quality horse, but she had it all covered under a hard shell of stress.

This summer Askja has learned a lot with our intern. Riding outside in the forest, in the group or in front and also alone. With everything she is now a very fine horse to ride. Ahe has grown out of all the stress and now get the fun of riding. She is a sensitive horse, light on your aids, cooperative and happy. Askja is a forward thinking horse and a great tölter, from slow to higher speed. Also she has an easy trot and a nice canter.

Askja is a mare with a lot of potential, but clearly looking for her own human to become a team with.

Born: 2012

Price: see table