Baldi frá Draumur

Father: Mosi frá Punktur

Mother: Vördis frá Rödli

Nice chestnut gelding

Baldi is a nice chestnut gelding. It is a friendly horse, but careful in contact with humans. He is highly sensitive. During training, when he gains confidence, he looks for support in people. He watches closely and waits for the coach’s signal. During lunging, he moves most preferably at trot. He is alert under the saddle. In the last few months, he has made great progress and working with him gives a lot of satisfaction. Baldi is a horse for an experienced rider who will help build his confidence. And then you also see that you have a horse with possibilities, with whom you can go far together. You then have a great horse of your own in Baldi, focused on you, who wants to do everything with you.

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Born: 2016

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