Gardaber frá Punktur (Bera)

F: Litli-Skjóni frá Hofi

M: Drotting van Woldlake

Bera is a big, black mare with spacious gates.

Bera rides here already a few years with guests. She does it very good, a lot of people learned something form her because she mirrors everything very clear and honest. She can tölt very spacious and comfortable, but if you don’t sit quite right, she chooses the easy way and she goes to trot.

She can tölt from a slow tempo to a rather fast tempo and has a good trot, but the trot is not trained yet.

Bera loves to go for a ride in the forest, but riding in front for a long time of going out alone is still difficult for her. We think this will improve a lot when she builds up trust with 1 rider.

Bera got 4 foals here. They all inherited the form of her head. We started to train her oldest foal and he shows that he is a kind, well behaved horse that likes to cooperate and quickly learns new things.

Born: 2011

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