Litli Draengur frá Skovstrupholm

Father: Sirkill frá Efra-Asi
Mother: Litla Fina frá Tondborg

An ambitious, sport-oriented horse


Draengur is a sweet, robust riding horse, a real four-legged gaited that needs a real owner and he is ready for a life focused on training, competitions and courses.

Draengur came to us as a trade-in project. He was bred in Denmark and ridden there as a sport horse; really on the rein and in four pronounced gaits with high movements. Despite that movement, his tolt is comfortable. He needs a convincing rein contact to feel confident and at ease. This is too when he is ridden outside. As you can see, he was taught to be more focused on sport than we ride our horses.

He has already seen more of the world and gained experience and has also competed in a few races in Denmark; see this video: https://youtube.com/shorts/IWIm8jg-Els

We have decided here not to compete at all. So, Lukasz is busily transforming Draengur into a lighter horse to ride. He works on balance, trust and lightness, especially when riding outside. That will be a long project and some people are looking for a competitive horse. So, it’s a bit of a shame and that’s why we’re already looking for a more suitable address for him.

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/KVkqaDaXqII

Born: 2017

Price: see table