Eski frá Punktur

F: Leikur frá Efri-Þverá

M: Þina frá Punktur

Little, calm tölting machine.

Eski is a small, but strong Icelandic horse. He has a powerfull character and likes that you take him into account, but at the same time, he is always very calm. He is always easy and won’t spoil his energy. Eski is, just like his mom Þina, a natural tölter and he has a soft, pure tölt. Groundwork was very boring in his opinion, and he made sure that we knew it. Luckily he loves riding, so training is getting more and more fun. He keeps his own tempo and tölts on easy in this way. His tempo will increase with more training, but at this moment he is just lightly ridden in and the accent of the training was relaxation, fun and tölt.

We certainly reached that, so now we can focus more on the technical side of riding with a relaxed, happy horse.

Eski has a special colour andfor a long time, we wondered what colour it could be… As a young horse he was palomino with brown legs. Then he changed colour every season and got darker and darker. But now we know, he is a grey horse, palomina born. And that means, that he will be darker before he gets white. So we solved the mystery and now we are wondering which colour he will be next season.

Born in 2015

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