Falkapungur frá Punktur

F: Stefnir frá Alfholahjaleigu

M: Helluhnodra frá Punktur

A large beautiful easy dun gelding

Falkir is a tall and heavily built dun gelding. He is only four years old, so he has no experience of riding under the saddle yet. During ground work, he shows great delicacy to aids – he is focused on people and willingly works with them. For now, we are teaching him the basics of riding in the paddock. Due to his age, he is still a bit timid and needs time to get used to new situations.

He has an efficient stride and looks beautiful in a trot, both loose and under a rider in the paddock. We used him as a cover stallion for a year – we have several beautiful foals after him. It is a horse with great potential. We expect him to be a great riding horse in the future and his price may increase even more.

Of course we can ride him further (against payment) and talk about additional requirements.

Born in 2016

Price: see table