Raudfífa frá Punktur

F: Litli-Skjoni frá Hofi

M: Flugahnodri frá Punktur

Small pinto mare with a very sweet character and funny painting

Although her name reminds you of something else than the horseworld, Fifa proofs that she is a great horse when you ride her. She is a five-gaited mare with a lot of lateral tendency, but that doesn’t affect her other gaites. A relaxed and active attitude of the rider gain a fantastic, steady tölt. Trot and galop are also promising, but not yet steady because for us, tölt is more important in training. We don’t expect pace from her because she is too sweet and calm.

In training, she is very easy, accept new riders easily and loves to do things with us.

Fifa is chestnut-pinto With a very funny painting and many lovers of Icelandic horses fall instantly in love with her head. Apart from riding, Fifa also likes to stand close to us and she really enjoys good brushing or a hug.

Fifa is a lovely, sweet Icelandic mare with a lot of potential.

born in 2013

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