Grænir frá Punktur pine

F: Leikur frá Efri-Þverá

M: Kornrós frá Punktur

Big, cool gelding with a golden character.

Grænir is a big, strong and soft hearted gelding. He is friendly to people, is always looking for contact and adores attention and hugs. Hij likes to do thinks together! Cuddling, brushing, groundwork, walking, riding… He loves everything as long as he gets a lot of attention. He is a real teamplayer and very motivated. He always needs to think deeply about new stuff, but then he starts to understand and in the end, you can see him being proud because he learned something new.

Græir is now lightly ridden in and the training was a lot of fun! He feels very strong and stable for a young horse and he has nice gaits, easy and spacious. Tölt is not difficult for him, but he needs some support to keep going tölt. Of course, we concentrate a lot on the tölt in our training, but Grænir shoed already that he has a wonderful trot too.

Grænir is a grey horse and he is still quite dark, so in the next years, his colour will change untill he is really white.

The next step in his training is to go more often to the forest and explore new routes. We are already convinced that Grænir will like that because he is very curious and loves to discover new things.

Grænir will be an amazig Icelandic horse to ride a lot outside, strong, happy, trustable and alwys in for some fun!

Born in 2015

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