Rauthgreni frá Punktur red willow

Father: Vignir frá Punktur

Mother: Alfadis frá Lotus

Really red, sporty built chestnut with long, full manes

In the herd, Greni immediately catches the eyes of everyone. On one hand because he still pesents himself as a stallion, on the other hand because of his attitude and his looks. He is a beautiful red chestnut with long manes and a proud posture. He is elegant, but yet very firmly built.

With ground work he likes to know what kind of human he has with him. He tries you out and sees if he can decide what he wants to do, but when he concludes that you are worth working for, he is easy and kind. He needs some challenges though because otherwise he is bored very soon and he switches his concentration to everything around him.

We slightly started to ride him and from the beginning on, he is very easy and well behaving. Under the saddle he has a good work attitude and is concentrated on the rider. He isn’t distracted quickly and is a real, cool Icelandic horse. He will not be impressed of something easily. Greni is truely four-gaited. Tölt is still rather difficult for him, but slow speed goes well. He still needs a lot of support, but you can feel he does the best he can. Bit by bit it goes faster, but it is balancing the whole time because when he goes too fast, he falls in trot.

We used Greni as a stallion for two years and we have some nice foals from him, but we decided not to let him cover another year because he has a lot of relatives in the herd.

That is the reason Greni is now for sale, he is looking for an owner who wants to improve his tölt and likes to have a cool horse for challenging rides.

Greni is castrated on the 28th of May and can move from the 23rd of July.

Born: 2014

Price: see table