Gryta frá Punktur bronkruid

Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

Mother: Vallasúra frá Punktur

Calm, black mare with an expressive face

Gryta is a four-gated mare that learns quickly and is cooperating. She likes to do what you ask, as long as she understands and is able to do it. If you are sitting good, she tölts easily, but if you don’t sit deep enough, she changes to trot.

When we started to ride her on the road, she wasn’t an outstanding horse. She was kind and well behaving, but not striking. This changed entirely when we started to go to the forest with her. She really likes to ride in a new environment and shows that she enjoys the rides.

Gryta is still young and has not so much experience yet, so you can feel that some things are strange to her. She is not scary at all and won’t take off, but you can feel stress in her body. In such situations, she needs some time to look and to think. Then she mostly concludes that there is nothing to be scared of and she goes on.

Gryta is a lovely, affectionate mare who often comes to say hello and she shows that she likes to work with you. We are sure that she will be a great recreational horse, but at the moment she still needs some support to explore new situations, so she learns that new things are rarely scary.

Born in 2014

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