Kolla frá Punktur wild chamomile

F: Vignir frá Punktur

M: Strákja frá Punktur

Confident four-gaited mare of medium size

Gulkolla is a genuine daughter of her both parents, we find something of her father and mother in everything we see from her, character, exterior, gaits… She knows what she wants is not easily frightened. That makes her nice to work with. On the other side she is very independent and confident, so if the rider isn’t sure enough, she takes the lead. With her, it’s very important to be sure of what you want and to communicate clearly, than she trust the rider and will go through fire for him/her.

Gulkolla has the combination of the comfortable and pure tölt of Strákja and the preference to trot of Vignir. We train her to tölt for short distances, so it’s always fun for her and she tölts better and better because such a nice tölt, we want to keep and even improve. Happily, she also has a great trot, sometimes even so good, that you barely feel the difference wih tölt.

Gulkolla is a strongly built isabel mare. In the herd, she is not very high in position, but she takes good care of herself and always has a good place at the food.

Born in 2015

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