Gullmura frá Punktur alpine potentilla (Gull: gold

Father: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

Mother: Hör frá Punktur

Big palomino mare with a lot of enthusiasm

Gull is a tall, strong built mare with a very light palomino colour and a blaze. She is obviously a four-gated horse and in the beginning of the training it took a while for her to find the tölt and find her balance in it. At this moment, she prefers to go tölt and she can go slow to medium tempo, but if she goes to fast, she changes to trot.

Gull really loves to go for a ride in the forest, she is always enthusiast to ride and the whole ride, her ears point to the front. She is very strong and has a big endurance.

She thinks it is a waste of time to walk and prefers to go tölt the whole ride. She doesn’t plan to slow down or to stop, but if you ask it, she does it nicely.

She tölts with a lot of collection and her head proud in the air. Even uphill and downhill she feels super safe and very strong. You can feel she needs some warming up because during the ride, her gates become more spacious. She really enjoys longer rides and just goes on tölting the whole way if you let her.

Although Gull is still young and has no so much experience yet, it feels like she saw and passed through everything and there is not so much she is afraid of. Her mother, Hör, who worked here as a guest-horse for a long time, was exactly the same.

For Gull, we are looking for a rider with experience, who wants to enjoy a lot of active rides, but also likes to do some dressage work with her to keep her flexible and learn her to stretch her neck and back.

Born in 2013

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