Gulviðir frá Punktur

Gulviðir Meaning: golden willow

F: Skjaldburkni frá Punktur

M: Bládepla frá Punktur

Solidly built gelding with a very light palomino colour

Gulviðir is a nice and solidly build gelding. What is particulairy striking about Gulviðir is his colour. A palomino so light that he is more often then not mistaken for a grey horse. A horse that you will mostly see in the meadow playing with the other horses.

Gulviðir is a horse that is always a bit tense when he meets new things on the road. With a calm voice and gentle support he will take any barrier. The next day you will not notice he was anxious the day before. He saw, he came and he conquered.

Tölt is easily ridden, but his tempo is still very slow. We expect that Gulviðir will develop to become an easy and endless tölter.

Born: 2014

Price: see table