Grahaera frá Punktur

Father: Hugleikur frá Hörakri

Mother: Kornrós frá Punktur

Pretty black mare with character

Haera is a black, five-gated mare. All of her gaits are smooth and spacious. She has a lot of energy and is able to go fast. Her tölt is nice but it still needs some work before it becomes smooth and balanced. She has a predisposition for pass but we have not trained it yet because of her young age.

In the beginning of her training it was a pleasure to work with her. However, when it came to more advanced and demanding work, she started to show her temper. Haera has plenty of energy and personality so she needs an experienced owner.

Haera is calm and easy during brushing, saddling, and cleaning hooves. She likes to be in a group and usually stands high in the hierarchy. She enjoys having company while riding in the woods.

Born: 2014

Price: see table