Hvitstjarna frá Punktur

F: Leikur frá Efri-Bvera

M: Thyrnirós frá Punktur

Young, gray mare

Hvit is a beautiful gray mare. She is very young and inexperienced, but from the very beginning of her training she shows calmness and she easily learns new things. Although she is friendly towards people, she can show character – sometimes she tries to get it her way. She has a fairly independent character, but does great in the herd and enjoys being in a group.

Tölt comes easily to her – but still requires training to make her gaits more stable. Because she  is a very young horse, she still has a lot to learn – how to keep balance with the rider and be more stable in her head.

You can already see that it is a horse with potential, which will be a great recreational horse in the near future.

Born: 2016

Price: see table