Hrafnklukka frá Punktur bellflower

Father: Sótstör frá Punktur

Mother: Angilja frá Punktur

Elegantly built, promising black mare

Klukka is a late maturing, five-gated mare. She got some extra time to grow and now she shows that this time was very useful. As a foal and a young horse, she was always a little meagre, especially the winters took a lot of her energy, but this winter she changed totally and she grew a lot, in height and in width. To our estimate, she grew almost 10cm and now she looks like a real horse in stead of a lanky foal. She also became a lot stronger, but she still has to get used to her bigger body and find back her balance. This winter, Klukka was in the herd with the foals to lead them and especially at the end of the winter, she developed as a real playful horse. We often saw her galloping through the meadow with a group of foals behind her.

With groundwork, it was very clear that before any training, Klukka first needed to find back her balance because trotting in a circle turned out to be very difficult. Every session it got better and better and finally she can trot in 2 tempi on a circle. Now we slowly start to ride her. Very calm, short sessions, some steps of tölt and still some groundwork in between, to not overcharge her. This goes pretty well, she is very sensitive with riding, so we have to be careful with the signs we give her, but apart from that, Klukka does a great job and tölt is very easy to find.

With the current progression, Klukka will be a very nice riding horse with spacious, easy to ride gates, who needs only light signs from the rider.

Born in 2014

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