Jakobsfífill frá Punktur alpine fleabane

F: Vignir frá Punktur

M: Garđaber frá Punktur

Coal-black gelding with a friendly character and a nice tölt.

Kobbi is a sturdy and big gelding who is already very easy, although he is still young. He is a calm horse, but very willing to go. He tölted from the beginning of his training and although he sometimes needs some support, mostly he goes in a pure tölt! In training we start now to change the tempo, there’s not yet a big difference, but every time it goes better!

Kobbi is a handsome and tall young boy. His head is beautiful and his expression always open and friendly. He is really coal-black with a shiny coat and in winter the most soft hair you can imagine.

Kobbi feels very strong and stable with a rider on his back. This feeling increases because he is also mentally very calm and strong! Of course he doesn’t have much experience yet, but he always keeps calm in new or unexpected situations. In such situation, you can feel that he first thinks and then takes the decision that everything is save.

Kobbi is a nice horse to work with, he is motivated, he thinks with you and he wants to do his very best for you. He loves to go riding in the forest, preferably together with an other horse for company and then discover the world!

He also enjoys to be groomed and brushed and some groundwork from time to time. Only not to much in a riding hall because that’s boring, according to him.

With a rider who can support him and takes his young age into account, Kobbi will grow up to a wonderfull horse who will conquer the world in tölt.

Born in 2015

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