Kumen frá Punktur

Kumen  Meaning: cumin

F: Hugleiker frá Hörakri

M: Flugahnoðri frá Punktur

Big blue dun gelding

Kumen is a young gelding, now 4 years old. In the meadow you always spot him, his size and colour make him a real eye-catcher. He is very social, very often he will come to you to say hello or make some contact and besides that he loves to play with the other horses in the herd.

Kumen is still developping in his training. He learns quick, working in the roundpenn, the bit and the saddle all went very easy. Ridin as a hand-horse is something he likes. That’s why he was used as a hand-horse on the open day. He did great, walking along with his companion and enoying all the people watching him.

Kumen has had little training under the rider. At the moment he is in training again. Kumen is a very gentle horse while riding, now he mostly shows a very lateral tölt. We expect his beat to become clearer as his training continues.

Born: 2014

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