Giljaflaekja frá Punktur (marigold)

Father: Vignir frá Punktur

Mother: Olafssura frá Punktur

Perfect horse for recreation, easy tölt and very kind

Laekja is a calm and social horse. Although she is still young and has only little experience, we can already feel that she will be a great horse for recreation. She doesn’t have much experience yet, we are starting to ride with her in the forest at the moment, but she learns very quickly and feels already bomproof. Besides her great character, she also developed a nice and easy tölt from the start of her training.

In the herd, Laekja is a very social horse, often we see her grooming with other horses and she also loves to be groomed by people.

Laekja was an easy horse from the beginning of her training. It’s a pleasure to work with her, she took every new lesson very easy and learned quickly. When we started to ride her, it felt like she did it already. From the first steps under the saddle, she tölted, easy and steady. She is very cool in her head and doesn’t pay much attention to what’s around her. In fact, everything goes so naturally with her, that we can’t say much about it. In other words, we expect her to become an amazing horse, lovely, kind, easy with an great tölt.

Born in 2014

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