Lúfa frá Punktur (laburnum / Golden Rain)

F: Vignir frá Punktur

M: Eina frá Punktur

Elegantly built, social mare with a very light palomino colour

Lúfa is a young, friendly mare. She is very social to people as well as to other horses. She is a four-gaited horse, but tölt is very difficult for her. We decided to ride her in as a three-gaited horse, so she can first find her balance in trot and get stronger. She will be able to tölt in the future, when she gets more training and an experienced rider. Her trot under the saddle is spacious, easy and very comfortable.

Lúfa is sensible and very light to ride, but she is not spooky. She might be a little ill at ease in new situations because she doesn’t have much experience yet. We started to ride her in and she did it great, and now we are learning her all the basic things.She picks it up very quickly.
In the herd, Lúfa has a low position, but is great to see that she takes care of the other horses low in position. When they have to change from meadow, we often see her looking backward and slowing down to check if everyone is following.

Lúfa is a very nice, young mare to develop into a kind and reliable recreation horse.

Born in 2015

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