Píparmenta frá Punktur (peppermint)

Father: Vignir frá Punktur

Mother: Fra Elly van de Grolhorst

Lovely, cooperative chestnut mare

You wouldn’t notice Menta in the group, until you want to do something with her. Than she becomes a studious, motivated and enthusiastic horse. She thinks with you during training sessions and learns very quickly. This makes her a great horse to work with.

Menta is a four-gaited mare, but tölt is difficult for her. She works on it with a lot of enthousiasm and you can feel how much effort she puts into it. At the moment she can do a clean tölt at walking pace. Trot is more easy for her and she enjoys to make some tempo in trot.

Now we are teaching her to use her body in a proper way because she keeps her head very high. She picks it up quickly, in dubbellonging as well as in riding, but it is important to keep paying attention to it.

Menta needs an experienced rider who likes to teach her more dressage and meanwhile enjoys a smart, lovely and always motivated horse with a lot of talent.

Born in 2013

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