Heillpípar frá Punktur whole pepper


F: Sótstör frá Punktur

M: Alma frá Punktur

Delightful horse with temperament and smooth, spacious gaits

Pípar is a pretty black mare with beautiful gaits. She is a five-gaited horse without a preference for one gait. All her gaits are spacious, comfortable and smooth. Of course we didn’t start the pace with her, she is still too young, but she has the capacity and the temper for it.

If Pípar can decide for herself, she likes to change gait frequently, but as rider you can easily ride all the gaits apart from each other and all are clear. She takes long steps in tölt and trot. That’s why she can go fast while the rider doesn’t feel it, it just feels very smooth.

As a young horse, it was a challenge to train Pípar, she showed that she was smart and had a lot of energy. She liked to make jokes with us. This was obviously the behaviour of a young horse finding out who she is and never scary. It really felt like a joke, it took only a moment and then she continued with what the trainer was asking.

In the meantime Pípar grew older, calmer and much more reliable, but she is still a horse who goes best together with an advanced rider. She is kind, well behaved and calm, but she likes a challenge in training and if she doesn’t get that, she will make one herself.

In short: Pípar is a fantastic and trustable mare for an experienced rider, who’s looking for a horse to do a lot, some speed from time to time, some challenging exercises and maybe even some competition, she has the talent for that too.

Born in 2014

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