Skrautstjarna frá Punktur

Stjarna star

F: Vignir frá Punktur
M: Eyarrós frá Punktur

Elegant, tall, reliable and at the same time peppy chestnut mare with light manes

In the beginnning, Stjarna had to figure out what tölt was with her long legs. But after a few times she got it and it became very easy. She had a first riding period and it went all very well. Happily she rides back and forth on the road, from time to time ahead of the rest. She needs a rider who can give her confidence and tells her that this plastic bag is not doing anything. But then there is no more problem and she passes it easily. Stjarna has a comfortable tölt that is easy to ride. Also the acceptance of the bit is remarkably good. With only a noseband and bitless, she now feels a little too strong. She shows this by shaking her head, but if you take the bit with a soft contact, she follows nice and quiet the reins as a young horse. Apart from that, Stjarna is a real lady with leading capacities. She likes the things to go on her way, but if you clarify that your way is also good, it is good for her too. But you should not demand anything from her because that is not the way you treat a real lady.

Despite Stjarna is a nice young mare, we offer her for sale. At this moment there is a big choice of good breeding mares and for the breeding goal of Punktur (strong, compact, old type Icelandic horse), she is just too elegant. We assume that she will be firmer when she grows out, because her parents are both strongly built.

Stjarna is looking for someone to rely on and who wants to build everything easily out and afterwards make nice rides and maybe a competition.

Well, she is really a horse to bring further, as a recreation horse she will be fantastic, but she also has the abilities to go further.
She has a bright future if she finds a friendly and fitting owner.

Born: 2014

Price: see table