Sortdella frá Punktur black fir

F: Vignir frá Punktur
M: Álblomgadur frá Punktur

Compactly built, cool chestnut mare

Thella is a young mare who felt very fearless and cool when riding her from the first time. She rides back and forth on the road, without looking up from anything. For her it is all common to life and she is not impressed by it. This makes her very venturous, quirky and frolic. She needs someone who is able to sense this and give her borders because otherwise the whole world will be her playground. Thella has also from the very beginning a comfortable, easy to ride tölt. It is obvious that tölt is her favourite gate.

Cool Thella with an lovely tölt is clearly the daughter of two of our favourite horses. Her mother Alda is a friendly, easy going mare whith an amazing tölt who always likes to go for a ride and her father Vignir is a cool teddy bear who is not afraid of anything.

At this moment, Thella is enjoying a nice holiday after her first riding period. This training was very easy, following or going in front did not matter for her and tölt was even more easy. The next step is to go to the forest with her and show her some more of the world. The reason why we have this fantastic young mare for sale is because she has a slight underbite. It is no problem at all for her, but at this moment, we have so many good breeding mares that we have to make a choice about which we keep for breeding and which not and so it is a reason to sell her.

For Thella we are looking for someone who likes a willful horse with a sense of humour and who wants to explore the wide world together with her.

Born: 2014

Price: see table