Þina frá Punktur

F: Vignir frá Punktur

M: Myrta frá Punktur

Þina is a trustworthy, well-built palomino mare who has seen a lot of the world already.

She is a calm, kind mare with a very easy and comfortable tölt. She rides here already a few years with guests and helps us as a calm, stable companion for our young horses during training.

From a young age, Þina is very easy to ride, kind, sweet and cooperating. Very mature and reliable. Her tölt is uncomplicated, she tölts always and everywhere.

As a horse for our guests, she is kind and careful for everyone, she makes sure everyone feels safe on her back en feels how comfortable tölt can be. She clearly adapts to the rider. With insecure riders, she is very careful and easy, but she expects more active riding from more advanced riders, otherwise she does what is most easy for her. Also for us, to lead a group, she is an amazing horse, but if you are dreaming on her, she takes it easy.

While supporting young horses, she is very calm and she isn’t intimidated by enthousiastic, jumpy types, she just goes on.

To thank her for the long time she is working here, we are looking for someone who fits with her to ride active, do fun stuff and who wants to build a close bond with her.

She really earned an own human who wants to give her a nice life and the attention she deserves so much.

Born: 2011

Price: see table