Týtulingresi frá Punktur

F: Leikur frá Efri – Bvera

M: Appelsina frá Punktur

Nice gray gelding

Titur is a tall, nicely built gray gelding. He is a young horse and has just started his adventure under the saddle. While working from the ground, he needs a little more time to relax. At the beginning, he is tense, which means that he is more lateral, but as the training continues, he relaxes and goes to the trot. Already during the first lunging with the rider on his back it turned out that the tölt comes easily to him. Since this is still the beginning of training, Tytur still has a lot to learn. At this stage, relaxation and focus is the main goal of our trainings.

He is still not sure in contact with people, but he gets better every day and he gains trust in people. Good training will allow to fully reveal his potential. Due to his great pedigree, we believe that he will be an ideal recreational horse in the future.

Born in 2016

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