Vestar frá Draumur

Father: Visir frá Syđri-Grofi

Mother: Eyarrós frá Punktur

Heavily built 4-year-old gelding

He is a strong horse with a gentle character. He easily acquires new skills and has a natural tolt. He is curious about the world and notices a lot of things around him. He likes to work with people. Vestar inherited many features from his mother, who was an oasis of peace and gentleness.

This is a horse for a peson looking for a calm, gentle gelding with a very good tolt, who will have no problem carrying a heavier rider.

As young as he is, so reliable he is and how easy he picks up everything. A horse is a jewel as a recreational horse, but can also grow further, together with you.

Born: 2018

Price: see table