Yngvildur frá Friðarstöðum (Ynga)

F: Vídalín-Heiður van de Kwinne

M: Sólrún frá Friðarstöðum

Cool, dark chestnut mare that likes to work

Ynga came in April from Holland to Poland. She easily found her place in our herd and in May we started her training. It’s a pleasure for horse and rider because she likes to work. It also very good for her because she still needs to lose some weight, so every kilometer helps. Her tölt becomes more and more steady and walk, trot and galop are easy to ride. Ynga also turned out to be a perfect exemple of a bomproof and cool Icelandic mare: in front, alone or at the back of a group, it doesn’t make any difference for her.

Groundwork is also a pleasure with her, she is concentrated and likes to do what you ask her.

Ynga is ridden in rather late and sometimes you can still feel that she has less experience than other horses of her age. But now she is getting more experience and every time she is more easy and less impressed by things around her.

In short, she is the perfect horse to make relaxed rides to the forest.

Born in 2009

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