Yrkjandi frá Punktur

F: Hugleikur frá Hörakri

M: Ilmajurt frá Punktur

Social and playful meadow buddy.

We don’t sell Yrkjandi as a riding horse, because of an old injury he is occasionally crippled. We are looking for a nice place for him where he can serve as a meadow mate.

For Yrkjandi we are looking for a nice home where he can be together with other horses in the meadow and where he has someone who can give him extra attention.

As a young horse he probably played too wild and broke a bone. He was still young and we had time and place, so we gave him the rest and time to heal and look what the future would bring. For a long time it went good, far better than we expected. After a few months of rest, he started to play again, first with the foals, later also with the other young stallions and geldings.

Halfway 2019, we asked the vet to make x-rays. The broken part is nowhere to be seen and the bending test went perfect, so we wanted to start his training. But at that moment he walked a little lame again. We decided not to train him and since that moment, he is on and off a little lame. We can’t really find out what the problem is because every time when the vet is here, he walks normally. We don’t want to go on wih training without knowing what might be wrong, so we are looking now for a new home for him.

He is very sweet and easy to handle and a nice horse to have in a group, social and very playful. We had him for a winter together with our foals and that was super. The foals all liked him and he played and raced a lot with them through the whole meadow. Unfortunately, he gets too fat when we keep him with the foals, so he couldn’t stay there.

He likes groundwork, loves the attention and teamwork and to learn new things.

We don’t know what the future will bring for him, but here we don’t have the possibilities for a full examination.

Born in 2014

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